Our Objective

About Us - 

Education primarily moulds human character, leading to quantum changes in a persons quality of thinking. This changed entity is better placed to sucessfully relate to co-habitants of the medium that a person is a part of. Thus, education is a task that needs to be handled with care, as it is a process that defines an entire gamut of generations to come and is a herald to the "not so distant future".

Our Objective -

Sri Ram Nayan Shiksha Evam Sarvangin Vikas Samiti, a well established committed and dedicated group. Its broad vision to shape and mould the students future according to the changing competitive word, has grown up with fruitful results which reflects the belief of public on our quality, discipline & standards.

  • To provide breadth and depth of subject knowledge as well as moral values.
  • To include creativeness development of innovative ideas communication and presentation skill.
  • To educate thye student to enable them to apply knowledge in real life problems.
  • To generate awareness about understanding of global affairs, intellectual property, environment, competitiveness.
  • Provide ample scope to the students for developing a well balanced & all round personality development through cirricular extra-curricular activities.
  • Includeing high quality discipline & conduct.
  • Imparting students desirable value system & establishing them positive attitude and behaviour.